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Drink Driving law in victoria.  

Sean Hardy is a Melbourne Barrister with over 21 years experience winning drink driving cases.



Melbourne Barrister


Victoria's drink driving laws are very complex which makes it a difficult area of law. If you need to win your case to save your drivers licence you will need a lawyer experienced in winning drink driving cases. 

Many people - including many lawyers -  incorrectly assume that nothing can be done to save your licence if you have been charged with a drink driving offence.

In every drink driving case there is a chance for you to keep your licence if your case is handled properly by an experienced defence barrister.

Sean Hardy has won hundreds of drink driving cases in the Magistrates Court, County Court and Supreme Court in Victoria and throughout Australia.

Victoria's drink driving laws carry harsh mandatory licence loss penalties which leave no room for excuses or second chances. Getting expert legal assistance is usually the only way to avoid the draconian nature of these mandatory penalties. The lack of court discretion and no option for drive-for-work licences means you need to win your case in court.  The chance of winning without a specialist lawyer is very remote.

Perhaps you have received legal advice which suggested you have to plead guilty because there is nothing that can be done for you. If your lawyer has no idea how to win then you need to see someone who knows how to help. Your chance of an acquittal is not affected by how high the reading is, how many prior offences you have or your personal circumstances. Only after thoroughly investigating the police case is it possible to determine whether your chance of winning is high or low.

Although most of my work involves defending drivers and doing everything possible to save their licence, I also act for people who decide to plead guilty and want expert representation to ensure they keep licence loss periods to a minimum and/or avoid possible jail terms or community work orders.

Before you decide what to do with your case, you should read the pages on breath testsinfringement notices, penalties and legal advice because those pages explain your options clearly.

During and after a conference I will investigate your case and advise you whether defending the charges successfully is a realistic option - often it is! We discuss the cost-benefits, and you then decide whether or not you wish to go to trial, enter into negotiations with the prosecution or plead guilty to achieve the lightest penalty available.

Achieving Your Goals

I help you to achieve your goals, including:

  • an acquittal - all charges dismissed
  • saving your licence
  • avoiding jail
  • avoiding community work orders
  • avoiding demerit points
  • avoiding a conviction or criminal record
  • avoiding Interlocks and other relicencing hassels
  • reducing or eliminating fines
  • reducing and managing any licence loss periods
  • recovering your legal expenses from the prosecution

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